Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Boy did last week fly by! It's Tuesday already, and it was time to step on the scale. I lost EXACTLY a pound this week. Yup-- a single pound... again. I think it has a lot to do with my schedule last week:

Two slices of Kate and Al's Pizza
Tuesday was an average day. Wednesday night we went to the car dealership to discuss our lease agreement. Since we got out of there so late, we just went to Remi's Place, where I had a chicken gyro and Greek salad with tzatziki sauce (no fries!). On Thursday night, we traveled to NJ. I packed lots of healthy snacks like fruit, veggies, and cheese for the road to avoid being tempted by all the tasty restaurants along the way. Friday was terrible; I ate out for every meal! I started with a breakfast of scrambled eggs, a piece of toast, and fresh fruit (SO GOOD!) at the Hudson Cafe in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. Then, we went for our home inspection. Things are still positive on the home front! For lunch, I had a healthy grab-and-go from Wawa. I had a snack of Laughing Cow cheese and a hunk of baguette before going to the Dolphin Diner in Burlington, NJ. I was so hungry when we got there (big problem). I had a salad w/ oil (barely) and vinegar, a MOZZARELLA STICK, and half of my chicken piccata over linguine... which I proceeded to finish when we got back to the house. Saturday, I had a sensible breakfast. For lunch, I indulged in a slice of my favorite pizza from Kate & Al's, and snacked on Jo-Jo potatoes (think hunks of potatoes covered in KFC breading) throughout our journey back to NH. We stopped at our favorite pit stop for dinner, the Mount Kisco Coach Diner, where I had chicken noodle soup, 1/2 of a healthy wrap, and... a napoleon. I was splurging there! I'd been good (mostly) all week! Fine... you're right. I regret every bite (almost). Haha! Ever since the trip, I've been good. I swear! I wasn't even that bad... right? Sorry for running through what is just shy of a food journal. I like to share my food travels. Plus, it hold me accountable if I have to admit that I really did eat breaded potatoes, pizza, and a napoleon in the same day. 

Napoleon (I was hoping for the kind
with fresh berries)
Moving on to my goals last week-- I failed terribly. I cannot even say that I aimed to use as little of my weekly allowance points as possible... I want to believe that I did, but I'd be lying to myself. Sure, I was good  most of the time, but Saturday... well, I went up in flames. I didn't exercise... not even once! I'd like to count strolling through Ikea for HOURS, but that is not at all what I had in mind. For the most part, I stuck to one "not so great" treat per "splurge" occasion... with the exception of the pizza and Jo-Jo moment. For the record, although they were purchased at the same location, I didn't eat them at the same time. See that there? I'm trying to rationalize it! Finally, I did not meet my goal of losing two pounds this week. It stinks because I'm pretty sure I lost this pound early on in the week. I could have done so much better. Stupid traveling.

This week's goals:

  • Workout at least THREE times this week (one at the gym).
  • Do not use more than 10 of my Weekly Allowance Points. I'll be celebrating the last day of law school classes EVER on Friday so I'm sure I'll be using a chunk of my points celebrating.
  • Lose at least two pounds. Enough with this single pound nonsense.

Now, I'll leave you with the numbers:

Total Weight Lost:     78 lbs.
Short-term Goal:       4 lbs. away
Goal Weight:             39 lbs. away

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2 Chicks On Weight Watchers said...

Hey Im stuck at one lb a week too. I think mine is from lack of exercise and my not so good eating these past 2 weeks. Good luck next weigh in but one lb is still great news!