Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eating (& Exercising) Escapades

Friday night, we had a friend over for a low key dinner after a stressful week. We had homemade sloppy joes and fresh cut seasoned fries. It felt like a healthy twist on a childhood favorite. The dinner was very filling with a ton of hidden vegetables. The best part of the meal was that I could eat healthy without making my guests feel like they were dieting (and thus sacrificing) with me. We finished the evening with a small scoop of  Ben & Jerry's Frozen Yogurt while we watched reruns on Netflix. Do not be deceived like we were by the "FroYo" label. This frozen dessert is LOADED with Weight Watchers Points. The Phish Food flavor has 5 WW Points+ per 1/2 cup serving and Half Baked has a whopping 6 WW Points+ pert serving. I don't want to even know the Points+ value for the whole-fat flavors.

I started my Saturday with some wine. Hey! No judging! Lol. A group of friends and I have had a wine making tradition throughout law school. We bottled our batch of Black Cherry Pinot Noir at Vintner's Cellar. I spent the rest of the day shoe shopping (with success) with a friend. I banked a shocking 11 Activity Points from the many hours of shopping. We rewarded ourselves with my favorite turkey crepes with dijon dressing from Appleseed Crepes & Bread. Unfortunately, we ate dinner so early, that we all fell victim of late night cravings. We went for a late-night run to the only place open-- McDonald's. I had some of Dan's fries, a McChicken  sandwich AND a Mac Snack Wrap. I know-- I was terrible... I'm ashamed. On the bright side, I've improved because at least I had the strength to log the points and not just chalk it up to "being bad."   

Since I stayed up past 3 am on Saturday (technically, Sunday morning), I had to force myself out of bed at 11 am. After getting some errands done, Dan and I went for a bike ride to take advantage of the beautiful Spring day. We biked a little over 8 miles without any tears. It's an awesome start, and I earned 9 Activity Points. We even stopped for some soft serve at our local ice cream stand. Later, we went shopping for a suit and accessories for Dan and did some brief grocery shopping. We finished the night with an awesome homemade dinner (Asian peanut noodles with chicken).

All in all, I'd say it was an awesome weekend. Now, to do some homework!

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