Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunny's Table (Concord, NH)

Dan and I went to Sunny's Table on Depot Street in Concord on Saturday night with another couple. I've heard great things about the place and have been meaning to try it for awhile now. I picked Sunny's Place because I was having a serious craving for Korean food, and it seems to be the only restaurant in town with Korean items on their menu. 

The waitress brought a small dish of pickled vegetables (basically all carrots) to the table while we perused the menu. I started with chicken lettuce wraps that were very spicy, but refreshing and delicious. I think they were my favorite dish of the evening. Our friends had sesame potato spring rolls. Dan had a dish called Angry Shrimp. For dinner, I had my heart set on some beef bulgogi, but I was disappointed to discover that the Korean barbecue on the menu was pork, not beef. I ordered it anyway. It came as a two thin, very tender, perfectly grilled boneless pork chops with spicy barbecue glaze. It was served with jasmine rice, homemade kimchi, and fresh green beans and carrots. One friend ordered the same. I only ate one of the pork pieces, half the rice, and all the veggies (because I know I should, not because I was full). Dan had a steak with scallion butter, rissoto, and veggies. Our other friend had a beautiful plate of chicken teryiaki that looked like it was out of a magazine (nicely grilled,  light on the sauce, colorful veggies, and rice). The dishes were full of flavor. The portions were just enough. The prices were a bit high, but I think it is comparable for fresh, local, natural ingredients. The service was friendly and attentive. We decided to pass on dessert in hopes of hitting Arnie's for ice cream. I actually managed to have dinner there and stay within my daily Weight Watcher point allowance. It helps that the dishes had lots of  flavor, less fat, more vegetables, and no bread for the table. All in all, I'd go back and try other dishes. I think I want to try having lunch there.

Arnie's was closed so we went to Friendly's for ice cream. I'm not going to lie, I felt like an alcoholic walking into a bar as I followed everyone into the restaurant. I was already planning what I would eat to avoid self sabotage. Dan was kind enough to look up nutritional information on his phone so I could find out if the non-fat yogurt was a better choice than the sugar-free ice cream (FYI- the frozen yogurt was the better choice). I am used to proper portions by now so I only ordered a single scoop sundae. I didn't even know they offered single scoops. Dan, on the other hand, indulged in a five scoop brownie sundae swimming in hot fudge and caramel sauce-- I envy him. I made the single scoop sundae into a strawberry shortcake sundae by adding strawberries, whipped cream, cake pieces, and a cherry. It was delightful, and it really hit the spot. I didn't feel like I was missing out. I didn't have any daily points for dessert, so I had to tap into my weekly point allowance. Fortunately, the sundae was not that bad for me. I knew it was a splurge to get the cake pieces and such, but the whole sundae was 7 WW Points+. Yay for making better choices! On a side note: I had no idea whipped cream is 2 WW Points+. That's as much as the scoop of ice cream. That's insane! Now that I know, I'll skip it next time. I'm still not making the best choices, but I'm definitely making progress without feeling like I'm sacrificing. It truly is a lifestyle change.


Dan B. said...

And I loved every minute of my 5 scoops of Hunka Chunka PB Fudge ice cream with brownies and and overload of sugar. I kept it WW friendly whipped cream. That helps right? 8^P

2 Chicks On Weight Watchers said...

Thats is a good change that they dont put bread on the table. breads adds lots of points and fat into your diet. making better choices will start to get really easy. When did you start ww again? when I first started I had some problems getting used to it so I started eating the smart ones meals then i honestly feel like my body couldnt handle as much food( i think this took about a month or two) and I started realizing the portions which made it easier to make better decisions. Your on the right track though.

Kacie B. said...

I started WW a little over a year ago, but there was a period of about two months where I stopped completely. Now, I am using WW online. I started again once the new Points Plus system started.

2 Chicks On Weight Watchers said...

yea I did the old system too and kept stopping i couldn't stick with it. Points plus is so much better and easier to get the hang of. Like I said you will get there, you already know when you make bad choices and recognize bad choices before making them so your on track just keep it up it will be as simple as pie pretty soon.