Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's for Dinner?

Quinoa Bowls! 

I aim to make one vegetarian meal once a week in hopes of reducing our dependence on meat. Plus, it feels healthier. We have made great strides over the years. Years ago, a vegetarian meal used to consists of pasta with marinara sauce. Then, we moved on to meat substitutes like veggie burgers or fake chicken patties. We still buy those, but as routine meals, not as something specifically vegetarian. A few weeks ago, I saw a recipe for lemon parmesan vinaigrette on one of my favorite blogs. Andrea, the author of the blog, said that one of her quick meals is "1 cup quinoa + 1 cup beans + 1 cup vegetables." 

Prior to this blog, I had barely heard of quinoa. From what I found, quinoa is an ancient gluten-free crop from South America.  Its protein content is very high (12%–18%),  and it contains a balanced set of essential amino acids. It is a good source of dietary fiber and iron, amongst other thingsAfter I read up on it a little, I was intrigued enough to try it. I nonchalantly included it on the weekly grocery list. Poor Dan was so boggled to find it on the list when he was at the store without me. He couldn't even find it on the shelf without some help from a store clerk. As it turns out, it was located in the gluten-free section, not the organic section. 

When we went to prepare the quinoa, Dan learned that it needed to be rinsed prior to cooking. We don't have a sieve... We got resourceful. As I cooked the quinoa, Dan made childish comments about its appearance, oatmeal-like smell, an threatened to eat something else if the dish didn't come out. This is unusual for him. He usually has confidence in my cooking. After I tossed the quinoa  with  beans, veggies, and drizzled it in the vinaigrette, he was less skeptical. In fact, he said, "I could eat this every day." If I had to describe it, I'd say it looks like tiny beads (seeds) but tastes a lot like rice (or couscous, if you've had it).

Now, we're experimenting with different variations on the dish. Our favorite so far is what we would like to call, Bruschetta Quinoa:   
  • 1 cup quinoa (uncooked)
  • 1 can cannellini beans
  • 1 cup store bought tomato bruschetta
  • 4 ounce can of mushrooms, diced small
  • 1/4 of a white onion, diced
  • 1 green pepper, diced
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 1/4 cup reduced fat grated parmesan cheese
We cook the quinoa as directed. As it's cooking (about 15 minutes), I sautee the veggies with Italian seasonings and olive oil spray. I add the beans and vinegar when the veggies are the right consistency. Sometimes I like to add red pepper flakes, a dash of sriracha, and a dash of Splenda for a sweet and spicy flavor. I toss the quinoa in a bowl with the cheese and veggie/bean mixture. Then, I add the cold bruschetta mix (to prevent from cooking the tomatoes) and toss. Dan likes to drizzle his in balsamic glaze. SO GOOD. It smells and tastes a whole lot like TGI Friday's bruschetta chicken pasta. Dan, who doesn't like beans, eats this dish up. It's only 9 WW points+ for a 1/4 of the recipe (an additional point if you use the balsamic glaze). Due to the grain's high protein levels (plus the addition of beans and vegetables), this dish is surprisingly filling. Give it a try! Go veggie for a night!

Our next variation is going to be a Mexican quinoa bowl: black beans, peppers, corn, salsa, etc. It should be good! 

America's Top 10 Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants

Anyone who knows me well, knows I live a very busy lifestyle. My mother and grandmother hear that excuse from me all the time, but it's true. I've learned to keep quick meals in the house to avoid the temptation of going out to eat, but sometimes dining out is inevitable. Unfortunately, depending on where you live, it can be difficult to find fast food restaurants with healthy options. Here in NH, I tend to stick to places with nutritional information (like Subway or Panera) or places with easy to calculate dishes (like a chicken gyro or Greek salad). However, back home in NJ, there are restaurants that have an array of healthy dishes on their menu, such as SaladworksMuscle Maker Grill, and even Wawa. 

The other day, I heard that rated the top 10 healthiest food restaurants.  Check it out! You may be surprised by some of the eateries that made the list, like McDonald's! The website rated the restaurant chains on factors such as "the use of healthy fats and preparations, healthy sodium counts in entrĂ©es, availability of nutritional information, and the use of organic produce." Who came in at number one? Panera Bread. That's kind of funny considering I don't go to Panera unless I have a lot of points left . However, I do find that their nutrition calculator is very helpful. I usually get a 1/2 order of the Asian sesame chicken salad and cup of black bean soup. Since it's a sensible meal, sometimes I even live dangerously and order the whole grain baguette instead of the apple.

What fast food restaurants do you go to for healthy choices?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Boy did last week fly by! It's Tuesday already, and it was time to step on the scale. I lost EXACTLY a pound this week. Yup-- a single pound... again. I think it has a lot to do with my schedule last week:

Two slices of Kate and Al's Pizza
Tuesday was an average day. Wednesday night we went to the car dealership to discuss our lease agreement. Since we got out of there so late, we just went to Remi's Place, where I had a chicken gyro and Greek salad with tzatziki sauce (no fries!). On Thursday night, we traveled to NJ. I packed lots of healthy snacks like fruit, veggies, and cheese for the road to avoid being tempted by all the tasty restaurants along the way. Friday was terrible; I ate out for every meal! I started with a breakfast of scrambled eggs, a piece of toast, and fresh fruit (SO GOOD!) at the Hudson Cafe in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. Then, we went for our home inspection. Things are still positive on the home front! For lunch, I had a healthy grab-and-go from Wawa. I had a snack of Laughing Cow cheese and a hunk of baguette before going to the Dolphin Diner in Burlington, NJ. I was so hungry when we got there (big problem). I had a salad w/ oil (barely) and vinegar, a MOZZARELLA STICK, and half of my chicken piccata over linguine... which I proceeded to finish when we got back to the house. Saturday, I had a sensible breakfast. For lunch, I indulged in a slice of my favorite pizza from Kate & Al's, and snacked on Jo-Jo potatoes (think hunks of potatoes covered in KFC breading) throughout our journey back to NH. We stopped at our favorite pit stop for dinner, the Mount Kisco Coach Diner, where I had chicken noodle soup, 1/2 of a healthy wrap, and... a napoleon. I was splurging there! I'd been good (mostly) all week! Fine... you're right. I regret every bite (almost). Haha! Ever since the trip, I've been good. I swear! I wasn't even that bad... right? Sorry for running through what is just shy of a food journal. I like to share my food travels. Plus, it hold me accountable if I have to admit that I really did eat breaded potatoes, pizza, and a napoleon in the same day. 

Napoleon (I was hoping for the kind
with fresh berries)
Moving on to my goals last week-- I failed terribly. I cannot even say that I aimed to use as little of my weekly allowance points as possible... I want to believe that I did, but I'd be lying to myself. Sure, I was good  most of the time, but Saturday... well, I went up in flames. I didn't exercise... not even once! I'd like to count strolling through Ikea for HOURS, but that is not at all what I had in mind. For the most part, I stuck to one "not so great" treat per "splurge" occasion... with the exception of the pizza and Jo-Jo moment. For the record, although they were purchased at the same location, I didn't eat them at the same time. See that there? I'm trying to rationalize it! Finally, I did not meet my goal of losing two pounds this week. It stinks because I'm pretty sure I lost this pound early on in the week. I could have done so much better. Stupid traveling.

This week's goals:

  • Workout at least THREE times this week (one at the gym).
  • Do not use more than 10 of my Weekly Allowance Points. I'll be celebrating the last day of law school classes EVER on Friday so I'm sure I'll be using a chunk of my points celebrating.
  • Lose at least two pounds. Enough with this single pound nonsense.

Now, I'll leave you with the numbers:

Total Weight Lost:     78 lbs.
Short-term Goal:       4 lbs. away
Goal Weight:             39 lbs. away

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Biggest Loser: Season 11

I'm not big on television, which could be because I have a lot more important things to do with my time like mountains of homework, applying for jobs, packing, or,  God forbid, working out. However, on Tuesday nights, after I get home from my evening class on judicial opinion drafting, I like to watch two hours of the Biggest Loser (Season 11) while I eat dinner, blog, and just relax.

This is the first season of the Biggest Loser that I have actually followed. I used to get frustrated with this show after reading articles about how the contestants purposely dehydrate themselves for weigh-ins to exaggerate their numbers. This show was also the first place I heard about excessive skin issues due to a large amount of weight loss. Now, I watch this show to hear the contestant's stories, watch them change their lives, and see how other people my weight look. I know it sounds stupid, but I'm so used to being the fattest girl in the room. I don't know what someone "my size" looks like, and this show gives me a better understanding. Granted, I have to consider height and  body type, but it's a good estimate. I also like to see if the contestants have hangy bat wings like me or tummies that resemble a sharpei after losing lots of weight.  

I'm bummed that the contestant I was routing for went home last week. His name was Moses. He was a Tongan man with a whole lot of weight to lose. He was on the show with his young daughter. I'm not sure who I'm routing for now, but the show still keeps my attention as I watch the contestants transform. Tune in to Season 11 of the Biggest Loser Tuesday nights on NBC.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One is the Loneliest Number

It's that time again. That's right; it's Tuesday already. I stepped on the scale this morning expecting a two pound loss. Unfortunately, I missed it by a pound. This makes two weeks in a row that I only lost one pound. I'm bummed, but: 1) at least it is a loss; and 2) I know where I am going wrong.

Where did I go wrong? This past week, I used 38/49 points. Bingo! I have to stop doing this. Weight Watchers says that you can use your 49 Weekly Allowance Points and still lose weight. It's true, but these one pound losses are not enough for me any more.

Looking back on last week's goals:

  • I counted every point every day, whether I ate, tasted, or drank it
  • I exercised three times last week (bike riding, dancing, and a long walk)
  • However, I did not succeed at distributing my points evenly throughout the day. I'm still going far over my daily points at social events and not eating enough points on a day to day basis. I need to regain a balance again... which brings me to my goals for this week.

Goals for this week:
  • Aim to use as little of my weekly allowance points as possible
  • Exercise at least 3 times this week (at least one at the gym). This is going to be tough considering we are traveling to NJ this week for the home inspection.
  • Make only one "not so great" food choice per "splurge" occasion. Eating out is inevitable for me, but I want to aim to make better choices. 
  • Shoot for at least a two pound loss next week!
Happy eating everyone!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sewall's Falls Recreation Park

Despite all the work we have to do, Dan and I went for a long walk today around the neighborhood today. Most of our walk was on the trails through the Sewall Falls Recreational Park along the Merrimack River. We walked more than four miles, and I accumulated 7 Activity Points. It was nice to get out in the fresh air, enjoy the sunshine, hear the rush of the Merrimack, and get the heart pumping. The walk also gave Dan and me the opportunity to talk about all of our upcoming adventures, especially moving next month. Somehow, we need to accumulate stuff to fill this new house-- like a dining room set, guest bedroom furniture, lamps, patio furniture, etc. I plan on making a pilgrimage to Ikea once I start working (I need a job first) and shopping the newspapers/Craig's list in hopes of finding nice, affordable furniture. Until I find a job, we'll have to get used to the echo of an empty house and make excuses not to have anyone over. Lol.

We use a free website called Map My Run to calculate walking, jogging, and biking routes throughout our neighborhood. I find that it is easier to calculate distance than sites like Mapquest and Google Maps. Plus, it allows you to plan routes that may or may not follow streets, which I find gives me more accurate calculations. There are tons of features on the website that I have not begun to explore. I know you can find routes in your area designed by others and even find out the elevation along your route (helpful in a hilly area like NH). Try it out. Let me know what you find.

Sunny's Table (Concord, NH)

Dan and I went to Sunny's Table on Depot Street in Concord on Saturday night with another couple. I've heard great things about the place and have been meaning to try it for awhile now. I picked Sunny's Place because I was having a serious craving for Korean food, and it seems to be the only restaurant in town with Korean items on their menu. 

The waitress brought a small dish of pickled vegetables (basically all carrots) to the table while we perused the menu. I started with chicken lettuce wraps that were very spicy, but refreshing and delicious. I think they were my favorite dish of the evening. Our friends had sesame potato spring rolls. Dan had a dish called Angry Shrimp. For dinner, I had my heart set on some beef bulgogi, but I was disappointed to discover that the Korean barbecue on the menu was pork, not beef. I ordered it anyway. It came as a two thin, very tender, perfectly grilled boneless pork chops with spicy barbecue glaze. It was served with jasmine rice, homemade kimchi, and fresh green beans and carrots. One friend ordered the same. I only ate one of the pork pieces, half the rice, and all the veggies (because I know I should, not because I was full). Dan had a steak with scallion butter, rissoto, and veggies. Our other friend had a beautiful plate of chicken teryiaki that looked like it was out of a magazine (nicely grilled,  light on the sauce, colorful veggies, and rice). The dishes were full of flavor. The portions were just enough. The prices were a bit high, but I think it is comparable for fresh, local, natural ingredients. The service was friendly and attentive. We decided to pass on dessert in hopes of hitting Arnie's for ice cream. I actually managed to have dinner there and stay within my daily Weight Watcher point allowance. It helps that the dishes had lots of  flavor, less fat, more vegetables, and no bread for the table. All in all, I'd go back and try other dishes. I think I want to try having lunch there.

Arnie's was closed so we went to Friendly's for ice cream. I'm not going to lie, I felt like an alcoholic walking into a bar as I followed everyone into the restaurant. I was already planning what I would eat to avoid self sabotage. Dan was kind enough to look up nutritional information on his phone so I could find out if the non-fat yogurt was a better choice than the sugar-free ice cream (FYI- the frozen yogurt was the better choice). I am used to proper portions by now so I only ordered a single scoop sundae. I didn't even know they offered single scoops. Dan, on the other hand, indulged in a five scoop brownie sundae swimming in hot fudge and caramel sauce-- I envy him. I made the single scoop sundae into a strawberry shortcake sundae by adding strawberries, whipped cream, cake pieces, and a cherry. It was delightful, and it really hit the spot. I didn't feel like I was missing out. I didn't have any daily points for dessert, so I had to tap into my weekly point allowance. Fortunately, the sundae was not that bad for me. I knew it was a splurge to get the cake pieces and such, but the whole sundae was 7 WW Points+. Yay for making better choices! On a side note: I had no idea whipped cream is 2 WW Points+. That's as much as the scoop of ice cream. That's insane! Now that I know, I'll skip it next time. I'm still not making the best choices, but I'm definitely making progress without feeling like I'm sacrificing. It truly is a lifestyle change.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

30 Activity Points Worth of Dancing

I survived Barrister's Ball (also known as Law School Prom). I have to say, I feel like an adult for being able to stay out late the night before and still make it for a marathon of bar prep sessions early the next morning.

Arriving at the ball
I followed some wise advise and ate dinner at home before going to the event. It made it so much easier to pass up the stuffed mushrooms, stromboli, mini meatballs, coconut chicken, and the dessert buffet. I managed to eat four hors'devours, a half a piece of cake, and a mini cannoli the entire night. In retrospect, the desserts were a poor choice, but they were well worth it. The desserts were the only thing that pushed me over my daily points. In other words, I didn't use many Weekly Allowance Points. The insanely long line at the bar deterred me from drinking. I spent my time on the dance floor instead. I managed to drink two small, white wine spritzers throughout the night. I drank lots of water to stay hydrated. I was dancing so hard that I desperately needed the water. I calculated my points today, and I supposedly burned 30 Activity Points from two hours of dancing. Amazing! That would definitely explain why my body aches worse than if I had gone to the gym. I don't spill my Activity Points into my daily allowance or else I would have tons of points remaining. 

All-in-all, I had a great time and have no regrets. Looks like I need to go to more dance parties...

Dan and me at the end of the night

Friday, April 15, 2011

Social Events are Evil

I mean it. I think that social events, like last night's champagne toast for graduating law students and tonight's Barrister's Ball (aka Law Prom), are diet killers. I even ate like a rabbit and still consumed 25 WW points+ at a two hour cocktail party. Believe me when I tell you, I had 10 WW Points+ worth of champagne. You have to be kidding me!  Three glasses of prosecco equates to 10 WW Points. That's horrible. Other than that, I filled up on raw veggies and fruit before snacking on a small amount of hot spinach dip on pita, two mediocre passed hors'devours, and a mini cheesecake bite. I can only pray the food is bad at the event tonight. LOL. In all seriousness, I have saved my weekly points for these two events. I'm just going to stay aware of what and how much I'm eating. Wish me luck!

A toast to three years of torture.. I mean, law school :-p 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Light Treat of the Week: Barber Seasoned Selects Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Barber Seasoned Selects Stuffed Chicken Breasts

When my baby sister was about four-years-old, she was practically addicted to pre-made chicken cordon bleu from our local discount grocery store. I don't think anyone ate the things but her. Since then, every time I see them, I think of her. Personally, I prefer chicken stuffed with broccoli and cheese. Plus, it's lower in points. The chicken my little sister used to eat was 9 WW Points+ per chicken breast.

Dan and I used to eat the breaded, reduced fat version of Barber's chicken stuffed with broccoli for an easy meal. A few weeks ago, while on a grocery run, Dan picked up the broccoli and cheese variety of Barber Seasoned Selects Stuffed Chicken Breasts. Instead being breaded, the chicken breasts are covered with an herb coating. They were so tasty and only 5 WW Points+! The cheese if very creamy and the flavor of the chicken is great. Be warned, however, that the chicken breasts are small. I think the portion is realistic, and as an American, my eyes for food are used to over-sized portions. Knowing these are a bit small, I usually prepare them with a baked potato or brown rice and some steamed vegetables for an easy dinner. 

These non-breaded, stuffed chicken breasts come in cordon bleu and spinach florentine as well. You can find them in the frozen food section of your local grocery store. If you try other flavors, let me know what you think. I've only had the broccoli and cheese flavor.

Appreciating Every Pound

A pound of fat

I counted everything I ate, logged every Weight Watcher Point+, exercised, and didn't count the Activity Points I earned towards my daily point allowance. As great as that all may sound, I was fearful to step on the scale this week. I had a few occasions (e.g. late-night McDonald's) that made me worry that I may have even gained weight this week. However, I didn't let my poor eating decisions discourage me from sticking to the Weight Watchers Points Plus program. I still recorded everything I ate. I think this is the first time I've done that. I usually just don't count my points on days I am bad. This week, I did, and I had used 39/49 of my Weekly Allowance Points. Weight Watchers tells you that you can use your Weekly Allowance Points and still lose weight. At first, I felt as though this was a lie. I did everything I was supposed to and still had mediocre results. Then, I caught myself. I didn't gain this week. Heck, one pound lost is still a loss! I cannot have big numbers every week. I need to appreciate that the scale isstill moving in the right direction.

I'm not going to let my one pound loss discourage me. Here are my goals for this week:
  • Count my points for everything I eat (and drink) at the Champagne Toast and Barrister's Ball
  • Exercise at least three times this week
  • Make an effort to equally distribute my points throughout the day rather than splurging on excess points at the end of the day
At this point, I am SIX pounds away from what used to be my goal weight. Now, I'm striving to get down to a healthy weight for my small frame. I'm still 41 pounds from my ideal weight, but I will get there eventually.

Happy eating, everyone!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eating (& Exercising) Escapades

Friday night, we had a friend over for a low key dinner after a stressful week. We had homemade sloppy joes and fresh cut seasoned fries. It felt like a healthy twist on a childhood favorite. The dinner was very filling with a ton of hidden vegetables. The best part of the meal was that I could eat healthy without making my guests feel like they were dieting (and thus sacrificing) with me. We finished the evening with a small scoop of  Ben & Jerry's Frozen Yogurt while we watched reruns on Netflix. Do not be deceived like we were by the "FroYo" label. This frozen dessert is LOADED with Weight Watchers Points. The Phish Food flavor has 5 WW Points+ per 1/2 cup serving and Half Baked has a whopping 6 WW Points+ pert serving. I don't want to even know the Points+ value for the whole-fat flavors.

I started my Saturday with some wine. Hey! No judging! Lol. A group of friends and I have had a wine making tradition throughout law school. We bottled our batch of Black Cherry Pinot Noir at Vintner's Cellar. I spent the rest of the day shoe shopping (with success) with a friend. I banked a shocking 11 Activity Points from the many hours of shopping. We rewarded ourselves with my favorite turkey crepes with dijon dressing from Appleseed Crepes & Bread. Unfortunately, we ate dinner so early, that we all fell victim of late night cravings. We went for a late-night run to the only place open-- McDonald's. I had some of Dan's fries, a McChicken  sandwich AND a Mac Snack Wrap. I know-- I was terrible... I'm ashamed. On the bright side, I've improved because at least I had the strength to log the points and not just chalk it up to "being bad."   

Since I stayed up past 3 am on Saturday (technically, Sunday morning), I had to force myself out of bed at 11 am. After getting some errands done, Dan and I went for a bike ride to take advantage of the beautiful Spring day. We biked a little over 8 miles without any tears. It's an awesome start, and I earned 9 Activity Points. We even stopped for some soft serve at our local ice cream stand. Later, we went shopping for a suit and accessories for Dan and did some brief grocery shopping. We finished the night with an awesome homemade dinner (Asian peanut noodles with chicken).

All in all, I'd say it was an awesome weekend. Now, to do some homework!

What's for Dinner?

 Asian Peanut Noodles with Chicken
Photo from
I know I'm always raving about Gina's website, skinnytaste, but I think I may have made my favorite dish by her yet! For those of you who don't know, Gina posts her own recipes equipped with nutritional information and Weight Watcher Points Plus values. I have loved practically everything I've made from her website. If you haven't already, you should really make something by Gina, whether it's juicy zucchini turkey burgers, spinach meatballs,  macaroni and cheese, or enchiladas. You won't be disappointed.

Tonight, we made Asian peanut noodles with chicken. It was SOOO good. I'm sure Dan and I will be fighting for the leftovers. The balance of sweet and spicy is delightful. It was very spicy, so you may want to cut back on the Sriracha. Dan's only suggestion was that I make it with udon noodles rather than whole wheat spaghetti. Next time we make this, I'll definitely add more veggies.  It serves six so I have some pre-made meals for this week. Oh, and we WILL be making this again... soon. I'm still so stuffed from one serving, which is very surprising. A serving, counting the pasta is 8 Weight Watcher Points+. At first, the point value seemed steep. However, that is a great amount of points considering it counts the pasta! I can't wait to have this again.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Weather Means Exercise Outdoors

It was about 54 degrees in Concord, NH today. I'd say that is the warmest it has been all year, with the exception of one random warm day we had. Judging by the 10-day forecast, it seems this is the first of warm days to come. It makes me excited for getting outdoors, enjoying the beautiful parts of this state, and exercising with Dan.

When Dan came home from work today, we went for a three mile jog. Well, it was a jog for me; Dan barely broke a sweat. I have short legs, and I'm fat; therefore, I am slow. Cut me a break. I wasn't impressed with my time, but at least I got moving today. I forgot how difficult it is to run outside versus on a treadmill. On the treadmill, there is no hills (because I said so), there are no puddles to go around, and there isn't wind. Nonetheless, I survived and I hope those three miles pay off. I'm going to aim for an even better time the next time we go, which may be Saturday afternoon.

I hope it warms up more soon so I can try biking again. The hills around here are intense, but I can handle the generally flat stuff :)

Bad Day = Pizza at Nonni's

Even though I've lost 75 pounds, I'm not immune from the notorious bad habit of stress eating. When I'm stressed, I want carbs-- not chocolate or ice cream-- a big bowl of pasta or a few slices of 'tomatoey' pizza. So, after receiving bad news about my promises of a job (and losing my student ID while my heart was breaking), Dan and I both could use a pick-me-up and a break from cooking (and therefore cleaning). 

We went to Nonni's Italian Eatery in Concord, NH, which has quickly become my favorite place for pizza in New Hampshire. It doesn't compare to Kate and Al's Pizza back home, but it's thinner (thus lower points) and still so good. We started with salad (there it's just lettuce), a side of broccoli (light on the oil), their bread (I only had a 3 skinny sticks... still more than I should have), and ... a stromboli. Hey! It was Dan's idea, and I couldn't say "no." We had wanted to try it since we've been going there. It was delicious, by the way. I ate half of it and kept heaping the sauce (resembling delightfully seasoned crushed, stewed tomatoes) on everything! When the mushroom and caramelized onion pizza came, I struggled to finish two of the thin crust slices (piled with extra sauce, of course). We polished the meal off by splitting a bowl of hazelnut gelato. Needless to say, we left waddling and feeling a little less stressed. 

This morning, I calculated my points from yesterday. Fortunately, I had only had a few points earlier in the day because I had been so busy. I was left with 21/29 points for that dinner. I still had to borrow seven of my weekly allowance points, but it was SO worth it. Dan was practically begging to take the leftover pizza for lunch today, thinking I would fight him for it. Here's where my eating habits have changed. I had the pizza I was so desperately craving, and I was satisfied. I don't need the leftovers (or a whopping 10 point lunch). I'm already moving on... homemade chicken fajitas for dinner! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pushing It

I hit the gym for a much needed jog. It's been awhile. I tried running faster today, but when I got to the end of the workout, sadly, I couldn't hang. I had to start walking a minute too early. As minor as it may sound, I was really bummed. I was so exhausted (not to mention crunched for time) that I didn't even do any core or weight training. I'll push myself again on Thursday. Have you been putting off your workout?


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've been gone for close to a month. Cut me some slack. Life has been crazy. In a nut shell:

  1. I submitted the first half of my NJ bar application;
  2. I still haven't heard back from the job I applied to in January;
  3. We went down to NJ for my sister-in-law's wedding;
  4. We found a home we loved, put in a bid, and the seller has accepted;
  5. I wrote an article on prescription drug abuse for publication by the NH Attorney General;
  6. We're planning for a trip to Disney World immediately after finals; and
  7. The school work is building as the semester comes to an end.
As you can see, I have a lot on my plate. I am now forcing myself to still find time for myself amidst all the things that need to be done. 

The last time I blogged, I mentioned how I was setting myself up for diet failure with all the social events ahead of me (St. Patrick's Day, Wine Party, etc.). I was right. I gained two pounds. Then, I gained another pound after spending five days back home. Fortunately, I stuck strictly to my points this week, and I lost the three pounds I gained before PLUS another. Woot! Down four pounds! I'm sick of yo-yoing. I wish I could stick to my points for weeks on end. I can only imagine how much I could lose. Blah. I'm really going to try!

Total Weight Lost:  75 pounds