Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Weather Means Exercise Outdoors

It was about 54 degrees in Concord, NH today. I'd say that is the warmest it has been all year, with the exception of one random warm day we had. Judging by the 10-day forecast, it seems this is the first of warm days to come. It makes me excited for getting outdoors, enjoying the beautiful parts of this state, and exercising with Dan.

When Dan came home from work today, we went for a three mile jog. Well, it was a jog for me; Dan barely broke a sweat. I have short legs, and I'm fat; therefore, I am slow. Cut me a break. I wasn't impressed with my time, but at least I got moving today. I forgot how difficult it is to run outside versus on a treadmill. On the treadmill, there is no hills (because I said so), there are no puddles to go around, and there isn't wind. Nonetheless, I survived and I hope those three miles pay off. I'm going to aim for an even better time the next time we go, which may be Saturday afternoon.

I hope it warms up more soon so I can try biking again. The hills around here are intense, but I can handle the generally flat stuff :)

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John said...

One of the goals this year is to get a bike for Nicky. It is going to be awesome.