Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our Bitchin' Kitchen

Dan and I have been spending some quality time in the kitchen lately. I realized that people are missing out on how entertaining we are when we cook so we agreed to start recording us cooking. I think it's amusing. The first few videos are fueled by alcohol, but it only adds to the entertainment value. Alcohol or not, we're an interesting pair.

As a teaser, here's our unedited footage of Episode 2-2: Cornbread. Enjoy!

Right now, we're in the editing stage... I say that, but we have no idea what we're doing. We got some video editing software, and Dan spent all night running something. All I know is that they're still not done "the first step." Blah. So, stay tuned for episodes of "Our Bitchin' Kitchen," where we make everything from pumpkin cupcakes to dinner from a box.  

In the mean time, happy eating, everyone!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where have you been?!

Copy of our wedding cake flavors
from L & M Bakery (Delran, NJ)
Ok, I deserve that. I've been AWOL for awhile now. I've been avoidant. Here's why-- On Columbus Day, Dan and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! *Side note: I realized that it's been a year since I fit into my wedding dress... and I've only lost 15 pounds since. Blah. 

For our anniversary, we went to NYC, saw Mary Poppins on Broadway, stayed at a trendy hotel in Times Square, and ate our way around the city. We had a blast! We had tea and scones with Alice, geocached in Central Park, ate pizza/pasta made by an Iron Chef, drank champagne for breakfast, ate "the best falafel in the Village," shared the BEST waffle we've ever tasted, relaxed with beer, wine and cupcake pairings, and came home to one of the tastiest burgers made by an Iron Chef. Needless to say, I gained about 7 POUNDS after two days in the city. WHO DOES THAT?! ... This girl, apparently. Bleh.

I've been trying to get the weight off since we came back, but by trying I mean more like, I'm trying to be good... and not counting my points... BUT I've been making better decisions... when I'm not snacking on Halloween candy or coaxing Dan to go out for tacos. UGH! Well, today is weigh in day. The verdict? I'm back to where I was before the NYC trip. I've lost the anniversary weight, and I'm back in the game.