Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Goals

My goals have changed as I have lost weight. Now, I find myself setting new goals to stay motivated. I have noticed that it is better for me to set smaller, more practical "benchmark" goals in addition to the "big picture" goal.

  • Old goals
    • Wear a bikini for once in my life (NEVER going to happen without some major surgery)
    • Wear heels on a daily basis (Done- when the streets aren't snow covered!)
      • Wear a size Large (Done)
      • Buy an article of designer clothing, not an accessory (Done)
      • Try kayaking (Done)
      • No longer be classified as obese (Done!)
      • Get down to Goal Weight: -77 lbs from heaviest
        • I'm almost there and realize that I have more to go!

      • New Goals
        • Go indoor rock climbing
        • Rock a pair of skinny jeans
        • Lower my blood pressure
        • Find leather boots that fit over my calves
        • Be able to run/jog a 5K without stopping
        • Get into single digit sizes
        • Lose 100 pounds overall
        • Have the Wii Fit tell me I'm "normal"

      Share with us. What are your weight loss goals? It doesn't matter how small or strange your goal may be. It gives you something to work towards. What can you check off your list? 

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