Saturday, February 5, 2011

Advice You Didn't Ask For

Expand your taste buds.

Taco Salad 
I think a key to continued weight loss is enjoying the foods you are eating. I have tried my share of diets throughout my life, and Weight Watchers has proven the easiest to stick to. I really believe in eating what I enjoy (with some modification, of course). I am so glad I came across Gina's website. She makes some really awesome dishes that I love to make (macaroni and cheese, meatballs, enchiladas, buffalo chicken dip, chilis, etc.) Through her website, I have found a new love for ethnic food. I now cook Asian and Mexican dishes. I notice that preparing ethnic foods can be a great way to get a lot of flavor without the calories. However, I was bummed when I realized that eating Mexican at a restaurant is much worse for me than the Mexican I prepare at home. The restaurants use full fat cheese, sour cream, meat, and fried chips. So, be careful.

Greek Salad
This brings me to my craving of the week: Greek food! There's this delicious restaurant in Concord, Remi's Place, which looks like a standard pizza place. Remi's Place is owned by an Albanian family (Remi himself does most of the cooking) and also offers Greek and Albanian dishes in addition to their pizza, pasta, subs, etc. After eating their chicken gyro, I fell in love! Dan and I go at least once a week and try a new Greek/Albanian dish. I think their grilled chicken is awesome; I don't know what they do differently to it. Put it on a salad, a pita, pizza-- I'll eat it. LOL! Lately, I've been craving their simple Greek salad (often a side to their other dishes). The Greek dishes I usually get are packed with fresh veggies (tomato, cucumber, onion, green pepper) and served with grilled meat, tzatziki sauce (cucumber, garlic, and dill yogurt sauce), and fresh made pita. Dan indulges in everything from fried Greek meatballs and stuffed grape leaves to lamb kabobs and baklava. I like to make some simple Greek dishes at home using fat-free yogurt, fat free feta, whole grain/low carb pitas, and, of course, my favorite, tzatziki.

My advice today is to try new foods. Don't let your taste buds get bored. Keep it exciting. Try those new foods a few times from different places or prepared differently. It could really make a big difference. Try foods that you haven't had in awhile because you "don't like it." You might be surprised. 

My new food venture is going to be fish. I really need to try some different kinds prepared a few ways to see if I can like it. It would really expand my dinner possibilities. 

Happy eating!


    jessica said...

    So, I feel like this really hits home for me. I've been speaking with my research methods professor about her research in picky eating in children ranging in ages and different income families. Turns out, it's not really mom and dad's fault for not forcing me to eat foods. It's mostly chemical imbalances and problems that I have. I'm a late bloomer, to say the least, but I'm finally starting to eat foods I use to refuse to even be close enough to smell. My newest discoveries have been green peppers, spinach (under extreme circumstances) and zucchini. I've even eaten pork loin and actually thought salmon was appealing when Kevin's family cooked it. Needless to say, I'm working on it; I just wish my brain would get over it and just let me eat foods that are probably awesome.

    I'm taking your advice to heart, I'm going to be a semi normal eater by the next time you see me (which might give me a while, or no time at all. We'll see) <3

    Mel@nie said...

    Yeah yeah! Sushi!! Malaysian food! Do it! Most of it is vegetarian so it's good for you too!