Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Light Treat of the Week: Special K Chips

My classmates have been raving about these Special K Cracker Chips. You can eat 30 chips for 110 calories. That's right; 30 chips! The entire box is only 3.5 servings. In other words, even a potato chip fiend like me will rarely eat an entire serving. 

I'm not a flavored chip kind of girl. I prefer an ordinary, salted chip so I tried the sea salt flavor, but they are also available in sour cream and onion. I thought the chips were great. I didn't feel the need to eat an entire serving. They definitely satisfied my salty snack craving. The chips tasted similar to Pringles or Munchos, but looked more like a deflated mini rice cake. I put them out during my Super Bowl party, hesitant people would steer away from the "diet chips," but everyone gobbled them up. Dan thought they were a little plain, so he ate his with dip, which worked well. I will definitely be buying them again. The Special K Cracker Chips were available at my local Walmart Superstore and Shaws. Check them out.

Do you have a figure-friendly snack you think everyone should try? Leave a comment and share. I know I'm always looking for tasty, healthy food.

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