Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Birthday Binging: "Eat Fest" in Boston

Since my 25th birthday is on a Tuesday, I decided to celebrate with a few friends the weekend before by going to Boston. Well, since I'm going to a new place, I have to taste the new city, right? I was terrible! I justified my horrible behavior by saying that the points didn't count that day. I ate things like a chicken cheesesteak hoagie and cheese fries in Quincy Market, the largest strawberry shortcake known to man in the North End, and a family feast at Maggiano's (pictured on the right). Of course we did a LOT of walking throughout the day to negate a few of the calories. We saw a lot of great museums and landmarks. All in all, a great birthday out (minus the thousands of tasty calories I consumed). Dan, who made the family feast a mission to make the restaurant lose money, was planning our next trip to Maggiano's from the moment we left the restaurant.

Then, when it came to my real birthday, Dan wouldn't let us stay home (despite the fact that the streets weren't plowed from the day's snow storm and that most people were safe indoors awaiting a snow storm expected to dump another foot or more of snow on the area). We went to our favorite Italian place in town, Angelina's (Italian food seeming to be the theme of this birthday). We were the only ones here until a small family came while we were on dessert. I was extraordinarily bad with my food choices (again assuring myself that birthday dinner points don't count). I had tons of fresh bread, some antipasto, salad, chicken parmesan, a side of fettuccine alfredo, and white chocolate mousse. It was a step in the wrong direction compared to the grilled chicken with balsamic drizzle and grilled veggies that I usually get there. FAIL. However, it was delicious. We had a good time and drank too much wine, which is evident from the picture. When we got home, I continued to eat more of my high calorie leftovers in a "drunken" stupor until I crawled into bed. Tsk, tsk.

I'm back to counting my points today, folks. I even did some "body slim" yoga that has made me sore all day. Back on the bandwagon.

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