Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's for dinner?

Tonight, I'm treating Dan and I to some comfort food that we haven't had in awhile: burger and fries! We're having turkey burgers and sweet potato fries based on recipes from my favorite cooking website. This is the first time I'm making these recipes. I'm excited to try the burgers that have grated veggies (like zucchini) in them. I'm sure Dan is apprehensive about the zucchini, since he isn't a fan of the "cucumber-like" vegetable. I'm sure he'll slather it in barbecue sauce and cheese and not even notice. I think I'm going to make mine into a Greek burger and top it with some tzatziki sauce, feta, and veggies. As for the fries, they wouldn't be sweet potato fries if we didn't eat them with chipotle ketchup!

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