Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Confession: I Eat "Under the Influence"

I am beginning to notice that I eat terribly in the company of my husband. I've been tracking my points and the minute it hits Friday, my strict points calculations are a thing of the past. I don't count them because I figure it is pointless when I'm eating pizza and fried appetizers or munching all day at a Super Bowl party.

After I over-analyzed my pizza order before having Dan call it in, I couldn't help but think that I make a lot of concession for his unhealthy appetite. Sure, I'm craving pizza, but I'll load it up with veggies. Does he REALLY have to order an $11 deep fried appetizer to go with it? He knows it's too much for one person and that I love the stuff. It's like he's bating me without realizing it. I'm weak! I can't handle the pressure. I WILL eat it! Lol. Plus, I don't want to pay for all that food. Can't we just share?... Never. Also, I hate having to get my own food when I'm splurging while dining out because it's always too much food, which means I'll have leftovers. Leftovers means I have to eat bad... TWICE!

I wish he would eat healthy with me. Sure, he eats the healthy meals I cook, but other than that, it's a wash. He'll eat nothing all day and gorge on dinner and endless desserts. He'll want to eat out for two meals each day on the weekends. I can't eat like that, and he shouldn't either. I used to think it wasn't fair to want him to eat well because I was (i.e. it's not fair to ask him not to buy those cookies because I lack the self-control). Now, I'm realizing that he needs to watch what he eats too. He also needs to be more considerate of what is essentially my addiction. People don't tempt alcoholics with liquor. It's just wrong. But people think nothing of bringing an overweight friend on a diet to a buffet (or a family-style Italian feast at Maggiano's). I wish people were considerate of those trying to observe healthy eating habits... maybe then restaurants would too.  I'm putting my foot down.

I'm tired of being the couple that sits in front of the television watching Criminal Minds marathons while gorging on unhealthy takeout or getting excited for a nice dinner at Angelina's. There is so much more to our relationship besides food that we could be doing instead of eating. I want to be the couple that works out together, bikes, goes mini golfing or bowling, attend hockey games, or something that doesn't center around food.

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