Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Light Treat of the Week: Hot Spinach Dip

Photo from Gina's website

I know I'm always praising Gina's website, Skinny Taste, but it's been a few entries since I posted one of my favorite dishes from her site. On Saturday, I made this spinach dip for a light lunch. In all honesty, I hate hot spinach. It smells gross and all I can think of is, as a child, my mother eating her steaming can of spinach as far away from the family as possible. I guess my taste buds haven't matured there yet. Dan loves sauteed spinach; I like cold spinach dip. I see this recipe is a great compromise. I've made it for a party before, and it was a big hit. I'm bringing this dip to the wine party on Friday. It's garlicky, cheesy aroma can win over almost any disbeliever.

For lunch, Dan and I ate two servings with pretzel chips (11 chips for 3 points+). It was surprisingly filling. Gina's recipe is 3 Points+ for 1/4 cup serving. However, I made mine with canola mayo, reduced fat parmesan cheese, and fat-free sour cream, making it only 2 points +. I brought some leftovers to the office the other day for a 7 point lunch. It was even better microwaved. Yum!   

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