Thursday, March 3, 2011

Protein Bar or Candy Bar?

After experiencing a few days in court where I couldn't eat for hours and sitting through legislative hearings that could continue straight through lunch, I knew I had to invest in meal replacement bars that I could keep in my bag to avoid skipping meals on such days. I've tried my share of  protein and meal replacement bars: Power Bar, South Beach Diet, Slim Fast, etc.. I find that they taste either sickeningly sweet, chalky, or like chemicals. Plus, they never satisfy my appetite more than thirty minutes or so.

I decided to try Kashi because I love their granola bars, and it's good to know I'm not eating a bunch of stuff created in a lab. They offer other flavors besides chocolate peanut: chocolate caramel, chocolate pretzel, cinnamon coffee cake, and chocolate almond. The bar is a good size, probably the size of two of those Quaker granola bars. The bottom is dipped in chocolate. The bar is spotted with hunks of peanuts and chocolate chips. Now, the bar is a bit dense, but I like this because it makes me want to drink more water, which helps me fill up faster. I wish I could explain how tasty these bars are. They remind me of a very firm snickers! They taste more like a candy bar than a protein and fiber bar like they claim. It's delicious! I should try to eat one of these when I'm craving candy so bad. I already bought my second box after discovering Dan liked them too (which is very rare).

I do need to note that they are made by Kashi, meaning they aren't kind on the budget, but I'd rather pay a little more and enjoy it. Also, these protein and fiber bars are 5 WW Points+. That's a very high point snack, but I'm not eating these as a snack. Instead, I'm having them as a small meal and eating a snack later, like some fruit, cheese, veggies and dip, etc., when I get somewhere I can eat. These bars are DELICIOUS and do a great job of holding me over for a few hours before I can eat again.

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