Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Confession: I Can't Fight the Cravings!

I've been so bad in the past few weeks! I need to get back on the bandwagon fully-- start counting my points EVERY DAY and stop making excuses for not going to the gym. Here are some of my recent bad choices:

Cheeseburgers.  I have really been wanting a veggie burger with all the standard raw veggies from Red Robin, a great burger place that we have back home in NJ, but there aren't any around here :( I feel like the craving won't go away until I have the real thing, but I ate a turkey burger at TGI Fridays. Of course, I cannot be eaten with a salad, so I was eating french fries too! The burger wasn't amazing, and I left still wishing I had a Red Robin burger.

Pizza. This last time, I chose a place serving very thin crust, but instead of loading it with veggies as I usually do, I got their chicken and maplewood bacon pizza with red onion. That was not a healthy choice! Granted, it was better than eating an all meat pizza because at least chicken is lean, but bacon?! Kacie! I didn't get lots of veggies because I know how veggies can really make a pizza soggy and with the thin crust... Excuses, excuses. For the record, it was amazing... and I should have stopped at one slice... Thank goodness Dan enjoyed it too, so he helped eat a lot of the pie.

Chocolates. For Valentines day and the following week, I was a candy junkie. Dan and I had a bigger lunch on V Day so we ended up eating a box of chocolates and drinking champagne for out dinner... real classy. The following week, I was craving chocolates again so we went to the candy shop in town where I bought and consumed about 1/4 lb of chocolate. I'm so ashamed! Lol!

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