Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It Worked! Thanks, Weight Watchers Points Plus!

I had great success this week! I lost 4 pounds! In all honesty, this was my first week really sticking to the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program. I started roughly following the Points Plus program just before Christmas, but I was never successful at sticking to it fully for an entire week (shameful, I know). 

Tracked my points. This week I tracked 6 out of 7 days. I didn't track on Sunday, when I went to Portsmouth and had lunch (huevos rancheros), went to a beer tasting, sampled wine, had had two amazing salted caramels, and still came home and had a sensible dinner and dessert. I didn't track that day because it would be very difficult, but I knew I had 43 extra weekly points over my daily 29 points as a cushion. 

Activities Points+. Weight Watchers allows you to earn activity points by working out. I worked out three times last week (including an intense workout on Saturday). I choose not to add my earned activity points to allow me to eat more. Instead, I hoped it will help me lose more.

Drank lots of water. I mentioned this in an earlier blog, but I have done a great job of drinking a lot more water. As crazy as it sounds, I find cool water so easy to drink, and I've been really sticking to it.

Easy meals. I made extras of the taco chili soup, turkey sausage ziti, and chicken with mushrooms so we would have lunches and easy meals in case we got busy.  We both enjoyed everything and rarely had the craving to go out to eat. We splurged on ice cream instead :)

I really want to see results like this again this coming week, so I want to set some goals in addition to all the other good things I did last week. I could be setting myself up for failure with my busy week ahead. I plan on celebrating St. Patrick's Day on Thursday, joining friends for a wine party on Friday, and going to Boston on Saturday. I need to plan my points and workouts around those obligations. It's not going to be easy. I don't do well in social environments.  

Save my points. I plan on only using my extra weekly points Thursday - Saturday. Don't get carried away while socializing. For St. Patrick's, I need to choose festive beverages OR festive snacks. Is the holiday that important to me? I'm not even Irish! Choose wisely. While out, I don't need to eat the cheese cubes. Yes, I like them, but I know they are loaded with points. Avoid the sweets... seriously. That means no cake, pie, brownies, etc. If I'm splurging by drinking wine (one point per ounce!), I can't afford to have dessert. I've made my choice. Stick to it. If I go out to eat, DO NOT eat the French fries. The things are about a point a piece. They're not THAT good. Again, choose wisely. Wish me luck!

Healthier desserts. I had dessert almost every night this past week. I'm more of an appetizer over dessert girl because most days, I can live without sweets. However, when Dan is snacking as we relax before bed, I can't help but do the same. Twice last week I had a low point piece of toast with 1/2 tablespoon of Nutella. It tastes like a doughnut! I also had 3 points of low fat soft serve twice last week. This week, I want to stick to fruit like nectarines or bananas for often rather than ice cream. 

Here's to an awesome week and hopefully another one next week!

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