Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Indoor Rock Climbing at Elite Climbing

Since New Year's Day fell on a Sunday, Dan and I had Monday off to observe the holiday. With all the craziness from the holidays, it was nice for the two of us to take time out to just spend some fun  time together and a belated date to celebrate the nine years we've been together. So, we made a date for rock climbing and dinner in South Jersey. 

We went to Elite Climbing in Maple Shade, NJ. On Mondays, the run a BOGO deal on Beginner Packages, so we lucked out. Dan and I learned how to belay one another and then we just jumped into the climbing thing. I did it! I climbed to the tops of quite a few walls before my arms got too tired. We had a blast. Before we left, the owner offered to give us both complimentary one month memberships! We took him up on his offer, and we're going again this weekend and hope to go each weekend this month.

After climbing, we changed our clothes and went to dinner at Iron Hill Brewery. We started the meal with an amazing hummus platter (we'll get it again, for sure). Then, I decided to stay sensible by having the Mediterranean chicken salad as my entree so I could splurge over some heavenly limoncello cake with blueberry compote. As I savored each bite of cake, Dan helped me put things in perspective-- I just climbed a freaking rock wall! Looking back, 85+ pounds ago, I could have never imagined I'd accomplish such a feat. Now, I can't wait to do it again. 

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