Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oh, Waffles!

Last month, I started seeing a trainer at the gym. The gym matched me with Waffa because she has experience with individuals like me who have lost a lot of weight. At this stage, she wants me to stop losing weight. Wait, what?! That's right. I need to stop losing weight so my body, specifically my skin, can catch up. She's helping me tone my body by building muscle. I had a very high BMI for someone size. As it turns out, I don't have much muscle... depressing, I know, but that's why I'm working on it.

About 48 hours after each training session with Waffa, or as Dan labeled her "Waffles," my back, hip, and muscles ache. With each movement, I groan "Oh, Waffles!" and think about how the pain means I'm building muscles, right?

This upcoming week will be my first week without training. Waffa is leaving me on my own to shed some of my holiday weight. In case you were curious, after finally losing the Halloween and Thanksgiving weight, I packed out about NINE (9) pounds of Christmas cookies and Mom's home cooking. I had to vow to hit the gym at least 5 days this week. This morning, I went to Yogilates AND did cardio afterwards. I'm a beast. lol. It's only Saturday, but I'm determined to start my week without Waffa off right. The following week, she is measuring my BMI again. I'm excited to see if I've made any progress :)

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