Monday, September 12, 2011

Picking myself back up again...

Not only have I not been blogging or counting points lately, but I've also stopped making good decisions as well: "Sure, I can eat peanut M&Ms for breakfast!" and "White Castle sounds like a great idea!" The buck stops here. I've been avoiding my scale. The number has climbed about four pounds, and I'm ready to find my zen again. I miss eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly.

Top 10 signs it's time for me to get back to Weight Watchers:

  1. It's getting very difficult to chose the healthy option when we're out.
  2. I having serious body aches from lack of daily movement.
  3. I starting to I forget what nutritional facts are used to calculate PointsPlus.
  4. I've picked up Dan's habit of having dessert each night.
  5. I couldn'tt find my where I unpacked my heart rate monitor from the move in August. 
  6. There's nothing but dirty silverware in the dishwasher (in other words, I haven't cooked in ages).
  7. The produce drawer in the refrigerator is empty.
  8. I avoid the scale like it's the plague.
  9. I'm planning bike routes around my favorite bakery.
  10. I haven't had to buy new clothes in a long time.
Enough is enough. I just ate whopping 8 point breakfast, and I'm determined to stick to counting this week. Maybe I'll even hit the gym after dinner. One thing at a time...


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