Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Taste of Home

I always wonder if everyone has the same problem I do when it comes to food from back home. Maybe it's just all the delicious food we have here in NJ. The cuisine here really reflects the NYC and Philadelphia influences. 

I am originally from South Jersey. I usually tell people unfamiliar with the area that I'm from a small town near Cherry Hill. If that is not enough, I tell them it's just outside of Philadelphia. When I am away from my hometown, I miss things like good pizza, rolls, diners, delis, cheesesteaks, Wawa, etc. Looking back now, I can see why I was obese my entire life. The food here is phenomenal.

Well, Dan and I temporarily relocated to South Jersey while we wait for our house to finally close. His mother was kind and patient enough to take us AND our two cats in. Dan and I have to commute an hour and a half for work and bar prep classes each day. Unfortunately, the commute has replaced my daily exercise time. To make up for it, Dan and I went on a long walk through Pennington Park.   However, that one workout does not compensate for all the local eats I have enjoyed recently.

I had veggie pizza (and salad) on Friday, a six-inch Italian hoagie on Saturday (which totaled 28 points!), and a six-inch chicken cheesesteak hoagie today. I regret eating all those unhealthy meals in the same week, but I enjoyed every bite of them. I think they have satisfied the craving, and I can get back to my usual eating habits. I have to say, it tastes good to be home!

What is one dish or food that you love from back home?

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Janhvi said...

trust me Kacie I feel your pain! There has never been a Blimpie's sub I have said no too. Neither do I feel guilty anymore eating regular style ranch dressing... there are a lot of guilty pleasure but I strongly feel that you have the right idea. If you satiate the craving soon enough the smaller the piece is that you want of it. Instead of you having a 28 piece hoagie maybe you could've had 1/2 of it and mixed in a salad or something else filling (and healthy) and ate the other half later....idk just a suggestion