Friday, August 12, 2011

Two Month Recap

I haven't posted for two months, and I have really missed blogging. As I have said before, when I'm not blogging, I'm not sticking to my points. I guess it is save to say that the scale has missed blogging too.

Since we spoke last, I practically did nothing but study for the bar exam. All the days start to blur together. It was a dark period of my life. Ha!

  • Dan and I moved out of our apartment in NH in mid-July. Our lease was up, but we still did not have a permanent place to live. 
  • I stayed with our friends in NH for two weeks in July while I studied around the clock for the bar exam. They provided me with a fantastic study environment, their sympathy, tasty home-cooked meals, and some much-needed laughs.
  • I took the NJ bar exam on July 27 and 28. Those were two terrible days of my life that I pray I don't have to repeat again in February. At the end of the two days, I felt like everything had come to a close, and I thought I would feel lost without school in my life. School has been a huge part of who I am since I was 5 years old. Now, at 25, I have to put school behind me and discover what I like to do in my free time. Silly me, thinking I would have free time!
  • The weekend after I took the bar, Dan and I moved into an apartment on the Jersey Shore. Dan and I did some moving on our own, but fortunately, two of our friends helped us with the bulk of it. We're grateful to have such wonderful friends. It wasn't easy giving up on the house we were buying. The short sale process was dragging on without an end in sight. We felt that four months was long enough, and it was time to move on. We learned from the process and have no regrets. So far, we love the area of our apartment, and we're only a few miles from the beach. When we find the time, there's always something to do.

Well, it's time to get back on the wagon today and start counting my points again. I don't care that it's a Friday. I used to wait to start a diet until Monday. I would go out and basically binge the weekend before, eating everything that I "could never have again." Let me tell you, this was the worst strategy EVER. Not only would I pack on the pounds and make myself crave the indulgent meals I had just days before, but I had the mindset that there are forbidden foods. I love following the Weight Watchers Points system because I never feel like anything is off limits. So, I'm not scrapping my week's dinner menu I have planned or throwing out food in the cabinet; I'm merely returning to counting my points. It will be a wake-up call to see how much I've been overeating. 

And, begin! Happy eating, everyone!

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Welcome back!