Wednesday, June 8, 2011

U.S. News Ranks Best Weight-Loss Diets

This morning, while munching my breakfast, I heard HLN report that U.S. News ranked the Best Weight-Loss Diets. I was interested to see the criteria they used, where popular diets fell on the list and, of course, which diet came in first. As someone who has had tried their share of weight loss diets, I was interested in seeing what the "experts" thought. 

Coming in first- Weight Watchers! I cannot say that I am completely surprised. I have spoke to many people who have experienced success on WW. Some experienced success long ago, but still speak of it fondly. Many former WW participants still stick to some of their WW-trained habits and are happy to share their advice. One of my favorite aspects of the Weight Watchers diet is that participants are eager to convert others to the diet. In fact, I wouldn't be here today if my close friend and my mother had not encouraged me to try the program. When you see those around you experiencing great results, it is hard not to give it a try. I would like to thank them for helping me change my mind about WW, change my eating habits, and change my life.  

Enough with the emotion-- back to what I'm sure you are here for-- the results. Jenny Craig and the Raw Food diet also made the top 3. I think it's interesting that both Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers have a large emotional support aspect about their program- maybe that is the key to successful weight loss. After all, I'm here blogging about my journey in hopes that I can find others that can relate and one day inspire someone else to turn a new leaf. I think they're on to something there.

I wish I had more time, but I have to get back to studying for the NJ bar exam. If you are interested in reading about the criteria used in the rankings or how other diets fared, check out the full list here.

Happy eating, everyone!


2 Chicks On Weight Watchers said...

Ha thats funny I just read that too. WW is truly the best diet because it works you don't cut anything out and you don't starve yourself. I wasn't surprised either. I was surprised that atkins was on there. Everyone I know that tried that diet gained everything back and more.

Dan B. said...

Only diet you've been on that I actually enjoy the food as well