Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekly Weigh-in

I toyed with the idea of labeling this as my "Week 1" weigh-in because it is the end of my first week on the Weight Watcher's bandwagon again. However, I feel as though that would be deceiving since I'm not a  Weight Watcher's virgin. No matter what you want to call it, I'm pleased with the results. 

Based weigh-ins throughout the week, I was projected to lose around 6 pounds my first week back. That was BEFORE we went out on Saturday. I saved Saturday for my once weekly dining out excursion, and Dan and I explored Princeton for the first time with friends. I drank a daily allowance worth of WW points, ate delicious food at Teresa Caffe, and finished the night with a delightful cupcake from House of Cupcakes (a Cupcake Wars winner!). I tried to minimize the damage by making low-point yet filling decisions before we went out and made wiser choices at dinner. When all was said and done, I consumed approximately 66 WW points. YIKES! I was not going to let my points dictate my fun. I am happy to report that one day of fun did NOT sabotage my week.

This Week's Weight Loss:       4 lbs
New Weight Left to Lose:    13 lbs


Taylor said...

4 Pounds is a great week, I just hope to have your motivation to get back on track. I am really excited for you!

Dawn said...

Great job! Keep it up kiddo u can do it!